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Our Art classes are designed to allow the individual to grow and express their own creative thoughts and feelings. We teach without judgement and encourage students, both adults and children, to experiment and explore while learning about techniques, mediums and various art forms and history.
Our Children's after school art classes give children an opportunity to experiment with various mediums while exploring different techniques and defining their own style. We do not attempt to perfect or finish our children's work and this gives them an appreciation of the process and great sense of achievement while learning the techniques that will help bring out the expression they are trying to create.
Realism specialist, Gary is an artist of exceptional ability. He is a master in achieving light and depth and his knowledge of architecture and historical context results in artwork not only of outstanding beauty but also fitting to its surroundings. Specialising in the creation of trompe l’oeil murals, Gary demonstrates a versatility and technical mastery rarely seen in today’s artists.
Gary has returned to Australia and when he is at our studio he enjoys chatting over a cuppa and is happy to talk about his work and yours and without judgement provide free advice on techniques and direction. 
                            See examples of work Gary has undertaken in
UK, Europe and USA on his website  
Trina: Tiny Tots
Trina is a talented artist who brings a wealth of experience and passion for providing children every opportunity to explore the many wonders of art. Mums are encouraged to participate with their children providing a special connection and understanding of their child’s world. 
Bec: Children's Art 
Budding Artists 7-12 and Young Artists over 12
Bec is a young emerging artist whose bold and intuitive approach to her work won the 2011 Rip It Up (Magazine) Youth Artist of the Year Award. She is talented and creative and immerses herself in art and the arts environment. Our Budding Artists will apply techniques to a variety of projects including their free choice work and the older Young Artists will receive guidance from a talented young artist who is up to date with mediums and techniques and will produce creative and inspiring work. 
 Marissa: Manga/Japanese cartooning
Our youngest member whose ambition and initiative have impressed us, Marissa has assisted Bec in our Budding Artist classes and taken several classes under Bec’s supervision proving her ability as a capable and organised tutor.  Japanese cartooning/Manga art figures are her specialty.
Liana - 10years and over
A recent graduate of Adelaide Central School of Art Liana shares her knowledge and enthusiasm in the wonderful history of the arts movement while helping students bring rich and vibrant colour to canvas through a variety of techniques. 
Grace : Experimental and Expressive Art Pastels, Watercolour or Oils Painting with 'guts and courage' Grace will draw out your creative spirit and help you find your own style and expression exploring with Pastels, Acrylics, Watercolour or Oils. or ....
Portraiture (Pets and People)
Grace's inspiring talent brings the canvas to life with beautiful skin tones and eyes with soul. All mediums are used in a variety of exercises. A monthly Life Drawing Group will also be run with Grace.
Daniel: Traditional Oils
Daniel - Daniel is a professional artist who excels in oil painting. With a method that captures the light, drama & romance in nature, he is well recognised for his abilities as an artist. Daniel is now endeavouring to teach others the time honoured methods of painting, offering classes both, here at Mt Barker and at Burnside.

View Daniels work at www.danielgjohnsart.com
Jessica : Children's Art and Circus Skills Jess is currently on Maternity Leave - congratulations on the birth of Zenith Sebastian
With this bubbly personality we couldn't go wrong. Jessica explores the endless possibilities of art or join one of new Circus skills and juggling classes. 
Ingrid : Watercolour - Workshops will be held during the year
Ingrid is an experienced artist, teacher and gourmet chef!  With a particular love of kitchen fare and rich colour, Ingrid is an inspiration and will help you achieve a new level of work in watercolours and pen and ink
OILS: We are excited to welcome Daniel Gibbings-Johns to our team. Daniel is a professional artist who excels in oil painting. With a method that captures the light, drama & romance in nature, he is well recognised for his abilities as an artist. See Daniels work at www.danielgjohnsart.com
ACRYLICS: Returning from the UK we are thrilled to have Gary back. Gary's realism with acrylics on murals and large canvases is outstanding and while his classes are for the serious artist his quirky nature makes the class experience one to look forward to
PASTELS: Learning the fundamentals of drawing and composition in Grace's class create fine pet or human portraits with pastels or learn to approach Art with Guts and Courage through free expression & experimentation
MIXED MEDIA: Bec is our talented young emerging artist whose different styles and approach to various medium is progressive and intuitive 
2013 ART CLASSES : Children, Youth, Adults
Beginnners to Experienced - realism, abstract, portraits and Life Drawing.
Pastels, watercolour, acrylics, oils and mixed media
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